Old Fashioned hand-scooped Ice Cream

Ice Cream So Good It Had To Go Mobile

What’s da Scoop is an ice cream truck on a mission: We want to bring you the best, most delicious ice cream in the universe. We use only the best ingredients to come up with some mouth-watering, happiness-inducing, eye-poppingly beautiful ice cream that’s guaranteed to soothe your soul.


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Reunion Lawn Party @ 692 Sports Street Dallas, TX 05:00PM - 10:00PM

We’re always on the move to spread love and happiness in a phenomenal scoop of ice cream. Check out our current location and get your next ice cream fix!

We’re catching up on Ice cream makin’ and topping prep today! BUT catch us TONITE @KlydeWarrenPark from 4pm-9pm! #Thursday

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