Old Fashioned hand-scooped Ice Cream

Ice Cream So Good It Had To Go Mobile

What’s da Scoop is an ice cream truck on a mission: We want to bring you the best, most delicious ice cream in the universe. We use only the best ingredients to come up with some mouth-watering, happiness-inducing, eye-poppingly beautiful ice cream that’s guaranteed to soothe your soul.


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Want Us To Cater Your Next Event? @ Contact Taylor Knapp@ tknapp@thebutchersson.com DFW Area, TX 11:00AM - 06:30PM

We’re always on the move to spread love and happiness in a phenomenal scoop of ice cream. Check out our current location and get your next ice cream fix!

THURSDAY so it's PARTY TIME! We're heading out to #Nissan in Grapevine from 11am-2pm!

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